Come experience Elliv 18

Tickets on sale April 18-28

What You Need to Know

  • when it is

    Come out to the Jeremiah Chapel on Saturday, April 28th for the show! Doors will open at 6:30pm.

  • ticket sales

    $14.50 for balcony
    $16.50 for floor
    You can purchase tickets April 18–28th from 11–3pm in the Upper SSC.

  • what to wear

    Traditionally there are two ways to go: dress up like it's an award show or dress up like it's Halloween! You could win best costume!

  • preshow

    This year we're starting the party early! While you stand in line to see this year's Elliv, enjoy great music, food trucks, and photo booth opportunities!

  • postshow

    This year, we gave the dance party back to the orgs! Check out SPL's Post-Elliv Party Facebook page for more details.

  • where to vote

    Check out our nominee page to brush up on who's nominated for what awards, and we'll give you details to vote during preshow!


  • most likely to appear on a game show

    Who do you know that might make their way onto a gameshow and bring home the grand prize? Don't sell their hidden talents short, and vote for your top pick for this award!

    • Jeremy Smith
    • Jason Deardoff
    • Kimmy Powell
  • greatest glow-up

    Best Freshman to Senior transformation! Vote for the person who has undergone the best freshman to senior transformation! We have pics to prove it!

    • Luke Joy
    • Maddie Bowser
    • Kyle Kilchrist
  • goat (greatest overheard of all time)

    Which overheard post deserves the term "Greatest Of All Time?" Vote for the nominee that wrote the post you think fits that title best.

    • Phoebe Schoeneweis
    • Wesley Brooks
    • Stuart Leach
  • agent of change

    An award for someone who has been a key campus influencer this year. This person is an encourager, advocate, and others-minded person who is changing the world, one person and one conversation at a time.

    • Samie Scanlan
    • Joseph Holsclaw
    • Michaela Carpenter